Important questions and answers

Question:       What in concrete terms is the effect of REWITEC® products?

Answer:          They significantly reduce (primarily through surface passivation) the friction levels of treated components and thus simultaneously ensure less wear, lower system temperatures and as a result have the effect of prolonging service life.

Question:       What influence do REWITEC® products have on the temperature conditions inside the treated assembly?

Answer:         After using our agents, many users identified a noticeable to significant drop in temperature, which naturally varied due to the differing machine parameters and parameters of use. Scientific studies at Mannheim University showed a reduction in oil temperature of 20%.

Question:       Can REWITEC® products repair existing damage, e.g. on the surfaces of tooth flanks?

Answer:         Yes, to a certain degree (within the bounds of what is physically possible) even existing micro-damage can be ‚repaired‘.

Question:       Is it necessary to do an oil change?

Answer:          Ideally, any treatment using our products takes place in relatively new oil and with new appropriate oil filters and not shortly before a planned oil change. However, it is not absolutely necessary to carry out an oil change prior to using our products.

Question:       Does the surface hardness of treated materials get altered?

Answer:          The surface hardness of treated materials does not get altered through treating with REWITEC®. They retain their original hardness.

Question:       How long does the REWITEC® coating last / how often must a component be retreated?

Answer:         After having its initial treatment, we recommend that equipment has follow-up treatment every year. This can then be done with a lower dosage of active agents and thus at a much lower price.

Question:       Is it possible to see the positive effects of REWITEC® products in condition monitoring systems (CMS)?

Answer:         Generally yes, as with CMS what predominantly gets recorded are acoustic (damage) frequencies being produced by pre-damaged components. Once the latter have been optimised through the use of REWITEC® products, the noises and vibrations usually go down and can be verified in the CMS logs. We have been working closely with major CMS providers in this area for many years.

Question:       Are there any negative effects on other materials, e.g. sealing gaskets or similar? 

Answer:         No, because REWITEC® products have an effect solely on metal surfaces (e.g. steel, iron, brass, white metals, etc.). They do not, therefore, affect other (sealing) materials.

Question:       Do complete gearboxes, bearing and engines (i.e. all individual components) get coated or just certain parts of them?

Answer:         No, the physical/chemical coating process for applying REWITEC® products calls for certain general conditions, in particular pressure and temperature. The coating is therefore preferably done on ‚hot spots‘ and definitely not all over on absolutely every part of a component or assembly.

Question:       Do the grooves deliberately applied to the cylinder linings get negatively affected?

Answer:         No, we are not aware of any case where grooves have become clogged up and thus caused consequential damage (such as, e.g., “piston jamming”).