REWITEC® Power Shot®


(For Engine)
RM 199.00 each
RM 150.00 /unit for buying 2 or more


REWITEC® PowerShot® can be used in both petrol and diesel engines and for either two-stroke or four-stroke versions. REWITEC® PowerShot® is used in cars, trucks, buses, ships, construction machinery, block heat/power plants, trains and trams, two-wheelers, motorboats, garden equipment and much more.

Each bottle is good for every 1,000 cc engine capacity.

E.g. If Engine is 2,000cc, it will need 2 bottles.

For engines that’s not exactly in 1,000s, we recommend to round up. Since there is no expiry date on our product (just store away from direct sunlight). You can use 1/2 a bottle, 30%, however you need to.

We recommend that user to follow-up treatment around 20,000km. This can then be done with a lower dosage of active agents and thus at a lower price.

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